Software prototyping

Time to market matters but time to profit is the real objective. Within 30 working days, you will validate your product idea and shorten the business cycle to create and deliver value to customers. Such an approach minimises not only the costs of software development but, first and foremost, the risk of future business failure.

We take care of CX, UX and UI to deliver IT solutions that stand the test of time and grow with your business.

Time to market matters. Visualise and test your ideas

Prototyping is used to test various aspects of a solution. Prototypes allow you to see unexpected user behaviour and spot problems or gaps in the concept. At this stage, the goal is to create an experience and provoke a response. Creating prototypes is at the heart of turning an idea into a product.

1. Workshops

The purpose of this stage is to collect as much information about the project as possible - its context, recipients and their needs. It's time for: interviews, analysis of business processes and workflows, listing requirements, identifying challenges and potential risks, defining target groups, focusing on, and holding workshops with, target group users, evaluating the scope of the available data, desk research, creation of the stakeholder maps and personas. Then we take all of the information that we've gathered and use it to determine the workflows and use-cases that will ultimately help to define the finished design of the system.

3. Prototyping

We deliver a high quality solution based on the two previous stages, ready for further verification and tests.

2. Ideation

We select and present the best ideas. We prioritise all requirements into ‘must’, ‘should’, ‘could’ or ‘nice to have’. We are on the verge of changing assumptions into facts.

4. Testing

A clickable prototype is finally ready to be tested and reviewed by the stakeholders.

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Workshops, kick-off, ideation, benchmarks, user behaviour tests, surveys and questionnaires, lo-fi sketches, hi-fi UX, hi-fi UI, tests, clickable prototype.


We verify the hypothesis and deliver a full report on our disclosures and a plan of further-steps. Then, we turn ideas into lo-fi digital solutions to choose the best one. You get a report on the results. Following this the first high-quality designs are ready to get a look at and test. Finally, a clickable prototype is produced.




Workshops, kick-off, ideation, benchmarks, lo-fi sketches and wireframes, lo-fi prototype.


We verify the hypothesis, change ideas into wireframes and prepare one version of a prototype together with remarks for later implementation and tests. We deliver a full report on our disclosures and a plan of further-steps.

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